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Fusion Media Network

“First and foremost, Ms. Arkin is a remarkable person who –throughout her work in media – has made fearless contributions to the world of journalism. She is a candid conversationalist with an eye for salient details and never fails to add a strong and engaging voice to many broadcasted scripts. Inside and outside the New York City entertainment and newsrooms, Ms. Arkin is recognized for being a skilled writer and thinker who makes astute, fresh observations on intricate issues. The diverse combination of Ms. Arkin’s published works combined with various reputable news organizations she has produced for (ABC, BET, MTV, The African Heritage Network, Oxygen Media, CBS, JWT, etc.) qualifies her as a producer to any project. She is polished and professional, and operates with integrity and maturity.”- Mandana Mofidi, Producer & Executive Director of Audio at Fusion Media Network